Graduation Protocol

Below is information about the protocol for the graduation ceremonies:

  • Press your gown if necessary or find that special someone to do it for you!
  • There should be no decorations, flowers or notes pinned on the gown or mortarboard.
  • The square cap is worn, so the flat board and the floor are parallel. Often the tendency among women is to not ruffle the hair in front. We recommend all ladies who wish to preserve their hair to tuck the front of the cap under the board and pin it securely to keep the cap parallel.
  • Men, please remove your hats, primarily for prayer. A key is to watch the platform party and do as they do.

Distinctions between Ceremony & Celebration

"Ceremony" exists at all events.

  • Baccalaureate - We ask that there be NO flash photography during the ceremony. Pictures may only be taken from your seats.
  • Commencement - There are two parts to Commencement.
    • The ceremony occurs from the beginning until the individual degrees are given out.
    • The celebration comes at the conferring of the degrees: photos, applause, etc.

Pictures will be taken by a professional photographer during the ceremony.