Cap & Gown

  • Please iron your gown.
  • The top of the cap should be flat and parallel to the floor.
  • Don't want your hair messed up? You can fold the front flap of the cap under and pin it to your hair as shown here.
  • The tassel goes on the left-hand side.
  • Please do not decorate the top of your cap.
  • Men, please remove your cap for prayer.

Hood at Commencement

  • Carry your hood over your left arm with the velvet stripe (brown in image) towards your wrist and the point (the part that goes around your neck) on the outside.

Hood at Commencement

  • Place the hood around your neck with the velvet showing in the front (see first image). Fold the edges of the hood to the side in the back so that the colors will show.